Remodeling the Kitchen

Cabinets Are Here!

This post marks Day 2 of the cabinet installation.  By the end of today, the cabinet install will be finished!  Oh, no, I’m not excited or anything like that.

On Friday, the cabinet shop guys set all the cabinets in place.  Today, they are working on getting the soft close door apparatus installed, all the shelves in and the doors adjusted and leveled, the holes drilled for the pulls and knobs, and the trim nailed in on top and bottom.



I opted to forego crown molding on top of the cabinets for two reasons.  One, I chose a really plain style of cabinet door, and I thought crown molding would be too fussy.  Two, it would have added significantly to the cost of the job, and that added expense wasn’t covered in my budget.  So I’m getting just a small strip on top to hide the unlevel ceiling (absolutely nothing in this room is square or truly level) and the usual toe kick on the bottom.



When the guys were here Friday, we still had a small patch of floor in the corner which we hadn’t finished.  We just ran out of time, but we made sure we had finished the places where the cabinets had to go, and we’d finished the inset spot by the door.  After we had a bite to eat Friday night, we decided to finish that patch in the corner.

That small spot in the corner turned out to be the most difficult and time-consuming to lay because of the way we had to butt it up against the vertical inset, and the angle that Dennis had to use with the nail gun once we got too close to the wall to use the staple gun.  We had several mishaps with the nail gun that cost us a lot of time (and ripping out of ruined boards) before we got within one run of the wall at 11:15 that night.  We decided to hold off on the last run and and fill strip until the next day, when there was daylight to cut by.  That proved to be a good decision, because the last run required more delicate cutting, and the ¾ inch to ¼ inch along the wall that was a result of the room not being square needed to be cut precisely to fit properly.  And my hero came through and did a really good job on it.  I am in love with the floor.





I can’t wait to uncover the floor and get a good look at the cabinets juxtaposed with that beautiful new oak.  Right now the floor has to stay covered because it is snowing outside, and the guys have to go in and out from their big chop saw which is set up outside under the overhang.  I was going to uncover the floor tonight, but the granite fabricators are coming tomorrow to measure for the countertops, so it’s best to keep a cover on them until no more wet work boots are going in and out of the house.





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