Stone Circles and a Castle

We saw two of the main things on our list today, Machrie Moor stone circles and Lochranza Castle. Both were wonderful in a different way.

Stone circles are prehistoric sites of ritual and cultural significance. Nobody seems to know exactly what the significance was, but whatever the reason they were built, they still bring a sense of awe and wonder to those of us who are interested in such things. And we are. These circles are on the west side of the island, which we reached on a B road across the interior called The String. That might give you a mental picture of a straight string. Think a string you’ve untangled from a ball, and you’ll be  closer.

We ate lunch, sandwiches we bought at the store last night, in the shelter of a ruined farmhouse, byre, and stone sheep pens. I enjoyed that almost as much as the stone circles, but in a different way.

After our wander around Machrie Moor in howling wind and rain showers, we drove north on the coast road (think two lane traffic on a single lane space hanging off the edge of a cliff) to the north end of the island to Lochranza Castle, a 13th-16th century ruin. We were able to go inside, and even up to the second story in one place.

Then we had to hightail it south down the coast road, on the east side of the island, back to Brodick by 6 o’clock for our dinner reservation.  We’ve had three lovely meals here at local restaurants. We’ve also been enjoying cocktails made with the local gin distilled here. I haven’t taken any pictures of the drinks but Amy and DeAnna have.

Tomorrow morning, we board the ferry again to head  back to the mainland and drive north along the coast and then east. We’ll be staying on a farm in a cottage that once a byre. Lots more to see and do!

There will be a few pictures of our adventures today on my Jean L. French Facebook page.


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