Great Britain trip pics

Amy’s Flower Pictures

When I get home, the second thing I am going to do is download pictures I have been taking of gardens over here in the U.K.  (The first thing I am going to do is check on my garden.)  It is killing me that I can’t yet share pictures of Sarah’s garden at the Old Vicarage in Wellington.  It was just lovely, and Graham showed me around and let me taste various things from cherries and berries to a smooth – skinned English cucumber fresh from their greenhouse.  But for now, here are some pictures Amy has taken of various wildflowers and others growing on walls the moor, and ruins.  Enjoy.



securedownload-57   securedownload-83   securedownload-56   securedownload-157   securedownload-28   securedownload-22   securedownload-17   securedownload-21


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